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Villaggio degli Olivi
Family & Bike Hotel Le Canne

Campania is an ideal location for cycling holidays. The region does not suffer from extreme temperatures, with mild winters and warm summers freshened by a sea breeze: pleasant conditions for enjoying a cycle tour of Campania. There are, however, some great contrasts between the coast and the hinterland. The inland areas are characterized by high mountain ranges and so are affected by a winter climate which is often quite harsh and damp.  

The main rainfall comes between November and January, with almost no precipitation in the summer. The wettest areas are the high plateaus of Matese and Partenio.

Visitors who stay at the hotels for cyclists in Campania can enjoy a varied and exciting cycling holiday, following some fascinating cycle routes in the region, or breath-taking mountain-bike itineraries.  

Campania has so much to offer: a coastline with clear blue waters, thermal springs, famous cities, mediaeval villages, nature reserves, age-old traditions and an extraordinary cultural legacy.  There are many places of worldwide fame, such as Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Mount Vesuvius, the Amalfi coast, the sea at Cilento and the spa-baths of Ischia.

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