Campania Routes

Sito Alto of Sala Consilina

This circular route departs from San Sebastiano (a village in the Sala Consilina municipality) and winds round until arriving at the Chapel of the Madonna at Sito Alto. This ride of approx. 9 Km involves a change in level of 853 m., and is estimated to take about two and a half hours. 

The first part of the route is all on asphalt, with an upward gradient and sparse traffic. It provides an attractive ride in cool conditions.  

After about 7 km, you come to a wooden sign in the form of an arrow which indicates an unmade road to the right which can be easily ridden on a mountain bike. After you have turned onto this, the route is simple to follow as at every crossroads it is clearly signposted by the ICA. After about 30 minutes riding uphill, you reach the top. The view from the summit is indescribable, with the mountains of Campania, Basilicata and Calabria spread outbefore you.

The second part of the route involves cycling through a cool tunnel of beech-trees, then descending on the ICA route which takes you to Piazza Umberto I.

Starting from the Church in Sito Alto, proceed downhill for about  500 m and on your left you will see the ICA signpost which indicates the way down towards Piazza Umberto I. After this, you need to follow the “Sentiero Frassati” as far as the castle, and then cycle down until you reach the centre of Sala Consilina. From here, the route is downhill all the way, taking you back to your point of departure.   

The route is not easy to ride: it is technically challenging with a lot of natural obstacles and some stretches cannot be cycled at all. It is essential to employ great caution and to take a good supply of water. 

Location: SS19, 84036 San Sebastiano at Sala Consilina (SA)

Running Time: 5 h

Distance: 20 / 25

Change in Level: 2000 m approx

Technical Difficulty: average


The “Sentiero degli Dei” (Path of the Gods)

This is a beautiful route, but also difficult and dangerous, so only suitable for expert cyclists. The ride demands excellent cycling ability and a high degree of caution.
The route leaves from Bomerano (Agerola) – arrives near Nocelle.
The going is fairly easy at first, on a wide surface with some steps, but later the route narrows into a footpath which is ONLY POSSIBLE TO CYCLE IN CERTAIN SECTIONS and which has no type of barrier on the outside edge. 

Location: Via Astolelle, 21-61, 80045 Pompeii (NA)

Running Time: +/- 4 hrs

Distance: 35.0 km

Change in Level: +/- 700

Technical Difficulty: extreme


Route Conditions: Asphalt, firm sandy ground, some protruding roots and stones. 

Gradient: < 70%

Bends: sharp, almost right-angle

Expertise required: advanced

Location: Piazza Bartolo Longo, 38-39, 80045 Pompeii (NA)

Running Time: 3 hrs approx

Distance: 44.0 km

Change in Level: 1060

Technical Difficulty: average

Sorrento-Amalfi Cycle Route

Leave on the Sorrento coastal road. Cross the S. Piero pass and enter the Amalfi coastal area, where you cycle along a stunning road with a sheer drop down to the sea. You then reach the lovely village of Positano with its many-coloured houses, perched like an amphitheatre overlooking the Mediterranean.   

You continue along the road until reaching Amalfi: a powerful marine republic until the end of the 10th century. We recommend a visit to the Church and Cloisters, and it is well worth exploring the area off the main street with its little alleyways winding past the white fishermen’s cottages. 



23.34 km

Change in level (max-min):

310 m

Change in level (ascent):

854 m

Change in level (descent):

897 m

Average gradient:

1.3 %

Max gradient:

7 %

Recorded density

1.4 pts/km