Sorrento-Amalfi Cycle Route

Leave on the Sorrento coastal road. Cross the S. Piero pass and enter the Amalfi coastal area, where you cycle along a stunning road with a sheer drop down to the sea. You then reach the lovely village of Positano with its many-coloured houses, perched like an amphitheatre overlooking the Mediterranean.   

You continue along the road until reaching Amalfi: a powerful marine republic until the end of the 10th century. We recommend a visit to the Church and Cloisters, and it is well worth exploring the area off the main street with its little alleyways winding past the white fishermen’s cottages. 



23.34 km

Change in level (max-min):

310 m

Change in level (ascent):

854 m

Change in level (descent):

897 m

Average gradient:

1.3 %

Max gradient:

7 %

Recorded density

1.4 pts/km