Corsa degli Scalzi

corsa-degli-scalziAugust 31st  and September 1st 2013 

On the first Sunday in September every year, the Corsa degli Scalzi” takes place in Cabras, in the province of Oristano. It is a religious ceremony involving hundreds of barefoot pilgrims, who carry the statue of San Salvatore from Cabras to the little country village dedicated to the saint. The following day, the procession is reversed, and the statue is carried back to Cabras. The celebrations reach their climax in the evening, with a traditional firework display. Religious services are held the day before the race, and the event also features exhibitions, concerts and a chance to sample local products.

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The Bravio delle Botti

bravio-delle-botti2August 25th 2013

This traditional “Bravio delle Botti” takes place in Montepulciano, in the province of Siena, a charming part of Tuscany famous for its DOC wines. The race involves teams from the eight “contrade” (quarters) of the old town: Cagnano, Collazzi, Le Coste, Gracciano, Poggiolo, San Donato, Talosa and Voltaia. They have to roll an 80-kg barrel uphill though the streets of the historic centre to the Cathedral in Piazza Grande. The trophy is the “Panno del Bravìo”: a painted cloth depicting the town’s patron saint, San Giovanni Decollato. Before the race, various traditional ceremonies take place in Piazza Grande: the costume parade, the branding by fire, the handing over of the “Panno” by the Municipality to the District Magistrate, the offering of candles to San Giovanni in the Cathedral and the blessing by the Bishop.

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Summer Jamboree

program-okAugust 3rd - 11th  2013

Once again this summer, this great music festival is back in Senigallia, a resort famous for its soft sandy beaches. Summer Jamboree celebrates rock music, paying homage to top international bands and DJs and providing an opportunity for professionals and music lovers to get together. There are also dance lessons for both experts and beginners.

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Palio dei Quartieri – Sarzana (La Spezia)

PALIO-dei-quartieriJune 29th – July 6th 2013

For anyone intending to take a cycle holiday in Liguria, we can recommend a really delightful local festival: the Palio dei Quartieri in Sarzana. The old walled town and the Sarzanello Fortress are the setting for various mediaeval games, such as archery competitions, the joust of the Saracens and other evocations of the past. If you want to enjoy cycle-tourism in Liguria, exploring breath-taking landscapes and local traditions, book one of our bike hotels in Liguria. Every season is the right one for a cycling holiday here. 

“La Vga” International Festival of Popular Traditions, Milis (OR)

festival-popolareJuly 30th –August 2nd 2013

If you are planning a cycling holiday in Sardinia, you can steep yourself in popular traditions at a unique event held at Milis, a historic rural village famous for its wealth of archaeological remains, including the nuraghi (stone towers) at Canale, Cobulas, Mura Cabonis and Su Livariu.

The folk festival takes place over 4 days and involves discussions, dances and performances by groups from every part of the world, as well as the best of Sardinian food and traditions. Troupes from Costa Rica, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Peru, Colombia and many other countries put on displays in the streets of the old town and in San Giorgio Park.  In addition, there are tastings of dishes from different countries and exhibitions of typical Sardinian costumes.

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