Lake of Garda

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Lake of Garda, a mirror of blue water  surrounded by Alps
Visit Lake of Garda in the North of Italy  for your holyday by bicycle supported by Italy Bike Hotels.
Lake of Garda is one of the most beautiful Lakes in Europe and the largest one of Italy. It is surrounded  by the wonderful Alps and touches  three Regions Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino that enrich it with three  regional traditions of beauty.

Amazing routes for cyclists, Typical Italian villages, magic restaurants.
Run with your mountain bike or with your bike around the wonderful landscape of the Lake of Garda.
You will find amazing routes from the blue lake until the mountains, running in a sunny place!
Beautiful paths in the forest, natural parks and excursions are waiting for you a and your family.
Discover medieval villages around the Lake of Garda by Mountain Bike.
Find old villages and wonderful restaurants to taste the flavorful cuisine od the Lake of Garda. 

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