Liguria What to see

Itineraries for cyclists and trekkers in Liguria

itinerari-bike-liguriaIf you are a mountain bike enthusiast planning a cycling holiday in Liguria, we would like to recommend a few interesting routes you could try. The region is an ideal place for exploring by mountain bike, both because of its mild climate and because of the many cycling itineraries on offer in this beautiful area. In particular, on the high plains in the Finale Ligure area, you can enjoy some spectacular views and follow some very attractive routes.
For example, you can try the itinerary from Varigotti up to Bric dei Monti, more than half of which is on a metaled surface and not too difficult. From the church at Varigotti, you follow various dirt tracks and asphalt roads, mostly on the level, until you arrive right under the slopes of Bric dei Monti. You will get a really fantastic view from here.
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Patrimonio Unesco in Liguria

Among the Italian regions absolutely more appreciated from the tourists of the whole world, what they appreciate its naturalistic beauties and the tastes of a typical regional cuisine, Liguria got a lot of different territories that spaces from the mountains of the Apennines to its famous coast.  Particularly two places are included in the list of the sites protected by the UNESCO.
The first one includes an absolute “natural heaven” constituted by Porto Venere, Cinque Terre and the isles of the Spezia’s Gulf.





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History and culture

The troubled story of the Liguria, the dark and splendid ages have left an amazing amount of testimony to live, not only closed in the museums but also in the architecture of the coloured towns facing the sea and in the small villages along the tortuous road which bring towards the l’Appennino.



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