San Bartolo Natural Reserve

A cura del Marinella Bike Team “Gabicce Mare”
Gabicce – Parco San Bartolo – Pesaro – Montegridolfo – Saludecio – San Giovanni in Marignano – Gabicce

Length: 70 km
Difficulty: Average

Only few minutes and I realize how hard was the slope to get to Gabicce Monte; from there starts the splendid and quiet panoramic road which runs along the seaside, among the green woods, blue seawater and 

yellow broom. A dive in the San Bartolo Park, till Pesaro. Image

Wenn we arrive at the port of Pesaro, we follow Urbino direction. Pay attention to the city traffic. First we begin to cycle the rise, called “Padione”, then the slopes which lead to Montegridolfo.

I think that we will remember those slopes for a long time; they are very hard and quite long. Flavio, our cycling guide, says that the ascent is nearly off, but we have to ride a little further!


Someway we surpass the slope and we arrive at Saludecio; here, Flavio says that ” from now there are only descent”; … May I believe it? Indeed it was right, there was not only descent but there was no

more slopes.