Triathlon wetsuits: the right clothing for running, swimming and cycling

body-triathlonHave you only just been introduced to the triathlon and would you like some advice on the best clothing to start off with?
You will almost certainly already have the right equipment for the cycling element, as those interested in the triathlon are often confirmed cycling enthusiasts and have brought appropriate clothing with them on their cycling holiday.
In any case, here are some suggestions about the basic gear you will need for your training and general enjoyment.

For the cycling element, the main thing you will obviously need is a bike.  The best type is one with cage-style pedals. Then you will need some cycling shorts (cheap ones will do as long as they are padded), a T-shirt with back pockets where you can put your personal bits and pieces, some energy bars and your mobile phone. You will also need a repair kit to deal with any punctures, and a water bottle.
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The most important bicycle companies in Italy

most important bicycle companies in ItalyIf you think it is time to change your inseparable companion in preparation for your next bike holiday, here is some advice on the most important Italian brands.

First of all, the Colnago that comes from a great passion. The founder, Ernesto Colnago, in fact, a former cyclist who at 70 years old still climbed the Dolomite passes during his holidays in Cortina, is the master of bicycle frame manufacturers and one of the most famous manufacturers of bike racing in Italy. Among the great anecdotes of his career, the first was the titanium welding in ’72 for the bike of the famous Eddy Merckx which hit a record in Mexico City. In over 50 years of business, Colnago has sponsored over 100 professional teams of two wheels.
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The right equipment for your bike ride

Every trip needs two fundamental things: the right amount of fitness, suitable for the kind of itinerary you will be facing and the right equipment so that you are ready to face any surprises during your outing.

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