Valle D’Aosta What to see

History and culture

The region, although being the smallest of Italy is very rich in history and culture. There is the route of the roman era, with the Francigena street and the Gallie street, the first public work carried out by the Romans in the Aosta Valley, a road that replaced the ancient paths that exceeded the Alps. Then the Stone bridge, the Praetorian Doors, the Arch of Augustus.

Then there is the route of faith, with the romanesque and gothic churches, sanctuaries, chapels and the route of the art with the fortifications, the magnificent medieval castles, and local castles of great beauty such as the imposing Fortress of Bard, the seat of the museum of the Alps, the medieval castle of Fenis, almost fairy-tale for its towers and battlements and the architectural development, with concentric walls that surround the inner courtyard, the Sarre castle, residence of the last king of Italy.
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